The Church Fathers Belong in Creation Debates. But Handle Them with Care.

On September 11, 2020, I found myself under a large tent, where 51 ministers of the Reformed Presbyterian Church had assembled for a COVID-era presbytery. They gathered to receive charges against me, initiating an ecclesiastical trial. I had published a book that affirmed the possibility of theistic evolution—a view regarded by some as dangerous. Through … Read more

Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast 2024: 'Never Been a More Important Time to Pray'

JERUSALEM, Israel – Political and spiritual leaders from every continent are preparing to gather in Jerusalem at the end of this month for what organizers believe is one of the most important prayer events they’ve ever held. This gathering will be the first Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast since the Hamas atrocities last October. CBN News spoke with one of the … Read more

Israel Pursues 'Critical' Rafah Battle, Defends against Legal Attack as Gaza Aid Pier Nears Completion

JERUSALEM, Israel – From the battleground in Gaza to the legal battles at The Hague, Israel is fighting on multiple fronts. Still, Israel is finding allies on Capitol Hill and among Christian leaders.    Despite international condemnation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told soldiers that Israel’s operation into Rafah – the last major stronghold of Hamas … Read more

Critics Charge Gaza Civilian Casualty Numbers Being Inflated by Those Who Should Know Better

JERUSALEM, Israel – Civilians caught in the crossfire during battle are often described as a consequence of war. While we have seen this during the war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas, some analysts say the reporting of civilian deaths in this conflict is being used as a propaganda tool. Tragically, too many Palestinians have died in … Read more

The Miracle of the Ear

Tongues of fire, everywhere. In this loud and furious age, a time of protests and counter-protests, words come burning, singeing, scalding, stinging. “Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry,” James wrote, “because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires” (1:19–20). But few of us—even those … Read more

The Sustaining Breath of God

The scalpel sliced through the uterine wall. The amniotic sac ruptured, and fluid flowed across the blue surgical drapery toward me. The obstetrician’s fingers curled around the baby’s head while my gloved hands pressed firmly against the mother’s abdomen. The baby was larger than we had expected. I shifted my full body weight against the … Read more