Christian social worker loses discrimination case

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A Christian social worker has lost her discrimination case against Lambeth Council in London.

The woman, named only as Miss A Yates, worked for the council for three months between July and October 2019.

She was dismissed from her role on October 30, 2019, which the council said was because she had failed to meet a required work target.

She alleged that she had experienced discrimination from staff members because of her Christian faith.

Miss Yates claimed that during this time a senior staff member had rolled his eyes at her when she said she went to church, and that she was excluded from meetings after refusing to wear a rainbow lanyard, MyLondon reports.

A former supervisor told the tribunal that Miss Yates had said she “did not agree with homosexuality or gay rights because it’s evil and satanic”.

It was alleged that Miss Yates had made the remarks after being given an ID badge with a rainbow lanyard on her first day of work.

Miss Yates denied making the comments but according to MyLondon, the tribunal believed the supervisor’s account.

The tribunal also concluded that the eye-rolling incident did not happen and that Miss Yates never discussed attending church with the colleague in question.

The tribunal further concluded that Miss Yates was not made a part of certain meetings because they did not concern her role.

In its judgment, the tribunal ruled that the evidence given by her Lambeth Council colleagues “was clear and consistent (in marked contrast to that of the claimant)”.

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