Democrats Push for Palestinian State as Israel Fights War for Survival with Threats on 3 Sides

U.S. Senate Democrats are pushing to create a Palestinian state, attempting to attach their measure to an aid package for Israel.

The move comes as Israel battles brutal Hamas war criminals in Gaza and faces regular missile attacks from the Hezbollah terrorist army in Lebanon as well as Houthi terrorist threats from Yemen.

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The vast majority of Democratic senators – 49 of 51 – are throwing their support behind the new push for a Palestinian state.

The senators signed on to a measure emphasizing that U.S. policy calls for a “two-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii is leading the charge. 

“The U.S. government has long supported a two-state solution as a path to a just and lasting peace in the region, and our amendment reaffirms our continued commitment to that vision,” said Senator Schatz. “The horrors of the war on and since October 7th have underscored the fundamental reality that in order for both Israelis and Palestinians to live in safety and with dignity, they need to have distinct, inalienable, and mutually recognized states that coexist side-by-side in peace.” 

Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine also issued a statement saying, “The international community has supported the rights of Israelis and Palestinians to have their own nations since 1948. It’s time to reaffirm that support and undertake the hard work with the Israeli and Palestinian people, along with other supportive nations, to make it a reality.”

But Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu has publicly rejected a Palestinian state at this time as Israel focuses its energy on fighting the war Hamas started with its gruesome October 7 massacre.

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Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania are the only two Democrats who don’t support the amendment.

Schatz says he won’t hold up the aid bill if his measure does not get a vote.

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