Ex-SNP member says Christian faith was 'frowned upon'

Dr Lisa Cameron

A Christian MP has spoken about her defection from the SNPs to the Conservative Party.

Dr Lisa Cameron said that her Christian faith was “frowned upon” by some SNP members and suggested it was something she should keep to herself. 

“I didn’t feel particularly wanted as a Christian in the SNP,” she told the BBC.

“You were made to feel like you’re a Christian but just don’t raise it very much, certainly don’t vote in line with your beliefs.

“I had voted against abortion regulation previously in the Parliament and that had been another issue with the SNP.” 

Dr Cameron, who is MP for East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow, also claimed that there was a “toxic culture” in the SNP’s Westminster group.

In her interview with the BBC, she rejected calls for a by-election following her decision to join the Conservatives. 

“Lots of MPs move party and actually create their own parties and didn’t have by-elections because it is not part of the process,” she said. 

“I know Humza Yousaf had called for that, but my understanding is actually in the Scottish Parliament that was put forward earlier this year and the SNP did not support the premise that if you change party from your initial election then there should be a by-election or recall.

“So I don’t think there should be one rule for them and a different rule for me.”

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