EXCLUSIVE: Israeli President Wishes 'Merry Christmas' and a New Direction for Middle East in 2024

JERUSALEM, Israel – In an exclusive wide-ranging Christmas Eve interview with CBN News at the President’s Residence, Israeli President Isaac Herzog discussed Israel’s war of ” civilizational values” with the Hamas terror group, a war he says will “define the way the family of nations operates.”

“We are in a way protecting the values of a major part of the world who believes in freedom, liberties, democracy,” Herzog told us, “because if we weren’t here and all Jews would be wiped off here, that’s what Hamas wants, these ISIS-type organizations, these jihadists – then Europe would be next and the United States would be next.”

Herzog also discussed the Israelis held hostage by Hamas, the importance of the wider regional war, and the explosion of anti-Semitism worldwide.

The president noted the timing of the Christmas Eve holiday and spoke about religious freedom in Israel. He thanked Christians around the world for their support of Israel at this difficult time and talked about his long-standing relations with the Christian world.

Herzog extended holiday greetings to “all the Christian citizens of Israel,” and added, “to wish all our allies and friends, supporters all over the world, and people of the world who are celebrating Christmas and the New Year, with a wish for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

“Let’s hope,” he said, “that 2024 will bring with it a different direction for the people of the Middle East – a direction of peace, a direction of no more war.”

To hear more of President Herzog’s interview click on the video above.

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