Foreign Ambassadors Encounter Attack Sirens on Tour of Hamas Terror Sites Near Gaza

JERUSALEM, Israel – Former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations and current Knesset member Danny Danon brought several ambassadors Sunday to the border town of Sderot on a fact-finding tour.

At an early point on the tour, Danon cautioned the group, telling them about a safe place for shelter. “In case we have a siren, if you look back, you have the green door. You all see the green door?”

Sixty seconds later, a siren sounded, and everyone began running to the shelter, including Danon, the ambassadors, and the CBN News crew.

Once inside, Ayelet Shmuel of the Sderot International Center, reflected, “So now you guys know, that you know what to do, you know how it sounds like.”

“Danon added, “This is what the people of Sderot have to experience that.” 

Shmuel continued, “We go through this a million times a day.  We go through this sometimes where there’s no way to go so, we have to go flat on our stomachs. I think there’s nothing like feeling it in order to be able to explain it to the world.  Imagine doing this with a four-year-old.” 

Czech Ambassador to Israel Veronika Kuchynova noted, “Right now, I feel like the people of Sderot feel all the time. I think we now really experience in our own eyes what people, children, families from Sderot have to go through – especially these days.”

Sderot’s Deputy Mayor, Khava Nakhshonov, said angrily, “It’s over. Game over. We can’t continue like this. We forgive them. We try to help them – it doesn’t work. They are terrorists. They want to kill us.”

We asked Danon, “Why did you bring the ambassadors down here today? He answered, “I think it’s very important that the ambassadors came here and saw what really happens here, the atrocities – to speak with the residents, to hear all of their stories of the massacre that took place here a week ago. I’m sure they will report back home because when the pressure will come against us, we want them to speak up.”   

Meanwhile, Israel’s new emergency government stood in silence for those murdered, and for soldiers who fell in battle.

“We work around the clock, teamwork, with a united front,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu explained. “The unity within us conveys a clear message to the people, the enemy and the world.”

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant pledged a mighty and deadly war.

“We will reach all the terrorist infrastructures, we will reach all the tunnels, we will reach all Hamas operatives and until we eliminate them, we will not complete the mission – and it will be a war that will change the situation forever, Gallant promised.

In the north, tension on the Lebanese border increased Sunday, with Hezbollah and Israel trading fire. Israel is amassing tanks and troops, with  many concerned about a two-front war.

Meanwhile, Iran’s foreign minister told the United Nations that if the military action in Gaza continues, it will be forced to intervene. The U.S. has dispatched two carrier groups to the region to deter a widening conflict.

Speaking on CBS 60 Minutes, President Joe Biden defended Israel’s harsh response to Hamas in Gaza.

“Look there’s a fundamental difference – Israel is going after a group of people who engaged (in) barbarism as consequential since the Holocaustt, and so, I think Israel has to respond; they have to go after Hamas.”

He also had a one-word warning for Iran and Hezollah if they’re considering getting involved: don’t.

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