Former Church in Wales bishop warns against being 'misled'

Bishop Stuart Bell (r).(Photo: The Coalition for Marriage)

A former Church in Wales bishop has told Christians to stand firm against forces trying to mislead the country into “a state of total gender confusion and sexual confusion”. 

Bishop Stuart Bell, who now serves with the orthodox body The Anglican Convocation in Europe (ACE), sounded the warning in an interview with Dr Tony Rucinksi of the Coalition for Marriage (C4M). 

He said during the interview that “quite substantial” numbers of Anglicans have left the Church in Wales following its 2021 vote to bless same-sex partnerships. 

With that vote, the Church has in his view essentially turned its back on the Bible and chosen to “go with contemporary culture”. 

He is urging other Christians not to do the same even as the LGBT push in the government and media is “growing stronger”. 

The bishop said he felt that society has “entered into an age of unreason” and that “many in the church now have got to a position where they are completely uncritical”.

He called on faithful Christians to be “absolutely resolute” in standing for biblical values.

“We are being seriously misled by people whose hearts are set on anarchy and nihilism,” he said. 

Bishop Bell was ordained in 1971 and ministered in the Church in Wales for over 50 years before leaving for the ACE.

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