Gaza is a De Facto State that Has Gone to War Against Israel

Israel’s Energy Minister Yisrael Katz has signed an order instructing the Israel Electric Corporation to halt the supply of electricity to the Gaza Strip.   

Earlier, National Security expert Maj. General (ret.) Giora Eiland said Gaza has become a de facto state and so the conflict that is taking place is between the State of Gaza and State of Israel.   

Speaking to journalists during an online briefing sponsored by Media Central, Eiland said Israel would take the measures it needs to take to win the war. 

Among them he said Israel would stop all supplies to the Gaza Strip. That includes the electricity, water, fuel, and food it supplies or allows to pass through the Israeli border.  Eiland noted that no country would continue to supply an enemy who is attacking it.

Eiland said to expect Israel to attack government buildings in Gaza, since Hamas is responsible for the Gaza Strip and therefore behind these attacks. 

The IDF has already struck military infrastructure belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization senior operatives, noting that Hamas deliberately places its military assets in the middle of the civilian population. 

Prior to the strike, the IDF said it had “provided advance warning to the occupants of the building and asked them to evacuate.” 

Eiland and others have said this will not be a short operation. And in the end, Eiland said, Israel would have to insist on the complete return of bodies and people it has kidnapped before it removes the siege. 

It’s still unclear how many Israelis and bodies of Israelis were abducted.  But Israeli media has said dozens of civilians and soldiers were taken to Gaza. 

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