'Hamas Won't Give Them Up': CNN Reporter Chokes Up During Live Report on Horrific Hostage Situation

As the world reels in horror following Hamas’ unprecedented attack on Israel, the raw emotion emerging as videos expose the terror group’s ghastly abductions and murderous acts is almost palpable.

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Journalists covering the catastrophe, which has left at least 1,100 dead and 100+ held hostage, continue to convey these stories, with the sheer size and scope of the assault becoming clearer.

CNN correspondent Nic Robertson was reportedly so emotionally impacted by his coverage over the weekend that he choked up on air as he described the current hostage situation.

The moment came as Robertson told CNN anchor Abby Phillip the number of captives held by Hamas isn’t definitive and might be inflated.

“We don’t know if they’re fabricating that number,” he said. “The number is understood to be large-ish. Hamas wants everybody to believe that, because, the bigger number of hostages they have, the bigger the amount of leverage they have over the Israeli government.”

Then, when Robertson started to explain a conversation he had about the abductions with a major in the Israeli Defense Forces, he paused and appeared to choke up.

“I asked him, how are you going to get these hostages back,” Robertson said, before halting and appearing to struggle emotionally.

Footage of Robertson waiting to collect himself — and at one point apologizing — was shared by numerous outlets, including Mediaite. Watch it unfold:

Phillip prepared to close the segment amid the silence, but Roberson broke in and was purportedly able to gather himself and conclude his comments on the matter, expressing the Israeli military official told him efforts were underway to try to rescue those held captive.

“He told me that they were going to do everything in their power to get them back,” Robertson said. “No one would be left behind, but I think I picked up from him the extreme difficulty that is presented here, because Hamas won’t give them up.”

He said the hostages are “scattered” and kept in locations across Gaza, including tunnels and bunkers, creating an “almost impossible task.”

Watch his conversation with the military official:

Robertson’s seemingly emotional reaction captures the massive impact the event is having, as journalists and others are confronted with the tragic human toll as they cover the shocking and deadly terror attack.

Dozens of Israelis are believed to be held hostage, with Hamas now claiming to have more than 100 people in captivity. U.S. citizens are also believed to be among those apprehended.

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