'If Not for Israel…': Young Arab Woman Praises Jewish State for Helping Her to Succeed

As the Israel-Hamas war continues to ravage the region, one Israeli Arab woman — now an electrical engineer — is speaking out, lauding the Jewish state for all it offered her to succeed in life.

Had it not been for Israel, the Stanford University alumna recently said, she would likely be impoverished.

“Israel gave us everything that it could give us, even though we were Arabs and they’re calling Israel an apartheid,” she said, according to a clip circulating on X. “They’re calling Israel — making ethnic genocide. And this point is actually like puzzling for me, because 25% of the Israeli population is actually Arabs; most of them are Muslims. More than 20% [of the population] are Muslims. I’m one of them.”



The Bedouin woman went on to say that Arabs in Israel have “equal rights” and have access to “welfare, education, health care — anything that a Jewish citizen would get.”

“So how can you call this an apartheid or committing ethnical genocide?” she asked, adding, “I was born to a Bedouin family. Bedouins are nomadic Arabs. My mother was — and is — penniless and illiterate. She doesn’t know reading and writing, because her parents didn’t believe that women have the right to go to school; they should be on the fields and herd the sheep.”

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She continued, “If not for Israel, I probably would be illiterate, penniless, herding sheep somewhere in the [Galilee area of Israel]. But I have an electrical engineering degree; I have a master’s from Stanford University, and I have my rights to live my life the way that I wanted to live them. Israel gave us everything that it could give us even though we were Arabs.”

The woman said claims of apartheid and genocide by Israel don’t “match the reality.”

“They need to go and read the facts,” she encouraged. “And it’s funny that sometimes it comes from intelligent students at elite universities saying this kind of nonsense.”

The Arab Israeli woman’s bold comments come as some students at leftist university campuses across the U.S. have spoken out in support of the terrorist group Hamas, which launched its attack on the Holy Land more than a month ago.

Additionally, her statements come on the heels of the news that Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) has been censured by a 234-188 vote. The far-leftist lawmaker has been rebuked by Republicans and Democrats alike for “promoting false narratives” about Hamas and for using the inflammatory phrase, “From the river to the sea,” which is considered by many to be an antisemitic chant calling for the destruction of Israel.

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