New Wine leaders pay tribute to late founder

Bishop David Pytches

Moving tributes have been paid to New Wine founder Bishop David Pytches, who passed away on Tuesday night surrounded by his family. 

He died “after a sustained period of illness”, New Wine said in a statement.

Pytches started New Wine with his wife Mary in 1989 and it grew to become a hugely influential charismatic evangelical church network. 

Commenting on his passing, current New Wine National Leader, Rich Johnson, said, “We are so thankful to David and his wife Mary for starting New Wine in 1989 as they sought to help churches experience renewal in the power of the Spirit and for all that has happened over the years as a result.”

Former New Wine leaders, John and Anne Coles, paid a joint tribute to Pytches remembering him for his love for Jesus and the Bible, and for his “commitment to personal holiness, his persistence in prayer, his personal prophecies, and his willingness to give away everything with which God blessed him”.

“He humbly, lovingly, and courageously pioneered aspects of church life and mission in the power of the Spirit which not only changed his own church and parish, but also became models for hundreds of church leaders and churches around the world,” they said.

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