Beyond Gaza: Israel's Ongoing Battles with Hezbollah up North Headed Toward Full-Blown War

ISRAEL-LEBANON BORDER – The fighting on Israel’s northern border is intensifying with an average of 10 terrorist attacks a day in May. Yesterday, a Hezbollah drone injured 11 people and killed one IDF soldier in the Galilee. Most Israeli citizens have evacuated communities near Israel’s border with Lebanon. The Hezbollah terrorist organization has employed various … Read more

$1.5B US Taxpayer-Funded Aid Pier Busts Apart in Gaza, Washes Up the Coast

The Port of ASHDOD, Israel – U.S. military efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza have hit a snag, as heavy sea conditions wrecked a temporary pier built off the coast. The U.S. Central Command recently built the structure to help facilitate aid delivery to civilians caught in the crossfire. Heavy seas and a North … Read more

Holocaust Survivor's Son Is the Father of a Hostage in Gaza: 'I Believe Omer is Alive'

GEDERA, Israel – The attack on October 7th touches the people of Israel in so many different ways, specifically, the impact on family members of hostages. Shai Wenkert, the son of a Holocaust survivor, is now the father of a Hamas hostage. Omer Wenkert’s picture is all around his hometown of Gedera. Hamas captured the 22-year-old … Read more

Israel Pursues 'Critical' Rafah Battle, Defends against Legal Attack as Gaza Aid Pier Nears Completion

JERUSALEM, Israel – From the battleground in Gaza to the legal battles at The Hague, Israel is fighting on multiple fronts. Still, Israel is finding allies on Capitol Hill and among Christian leaders.    Despite international condemnation, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told soldiers that Israel’s operation into Rafah – the last major stronghold of Hamas … Read more

Critics Charge Gaza Civilian Casualty Numbers Being Inflated by Those Who Should Know Better

JERUSALEM, Israel – Civilians caught in the crossfire during battle are often described as a consequence of war. While we have seen this during the war in Gaza between Israel and Hamas, some analysts say the reporting of civilian deaths in this conflict is being used as a propaganda tool. Tragically, too many Palestinians have died in … Read more

IDF Captures Strategic Rafah Border Crossing Between Egypt and the Southern Gaza Strip

After months of waiting, Israeli forces have begun their operation into Rafah, the last major Hamas stronghold in the Gaza Strip. The operation started after negotiations between Hamas and Israel broke down. On Tuesday morning, Israeli forces captured the strategic Rafah border crossing between Egypt and the southern Gaza Strip. The Israeli flag was raised … Read more

IDF Preps Sanctuary Tents for Gaza Civilians Before Rafah Battle, Feucht Leads Israel Rally in NYC

JERUSALEM, Israel – The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) says it’s preparing to move into Rafah, the last major Hamas military stronghold in Gaza. While the Biden administration disapproves of the move, Israel is setting up thousands of tents to provide a sanctuary to keep civilians out of harm’s way. The operation also aims to rescue the … Read more

IDF Poised at Gaza Border, Braced for Iran Attack as US Warns Americans to Stay Near Israeli Cities

JERUSALEM, Israel – As the war in Gaza continues, Israel is on high alert, expecting a retaliatory attack from Iran, perhaps soon. Touring an Israeli air force base, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced Thursday the military is ready for fights in other areas as well as Gaza. “We are in the middle of the war in … Read more

At Six-Month War Mark, Israel Pulls IDF Division from Gaza after US Pressure; Netanyahu Still Plans Rafah Invasion

JERUSALEM, Israel – Israel announced Sunday it has pulled a key division out of the southern Gaza Strip. It’s a major shift in the war, as Israelis commemorate six months after the October 7th massacre and kidnappings. Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant says the pullout is a sign of the beating Hamas has taken at this … Read more

Israel Apologizes for Strike that Killed Gaza Aid Workers, Braces for Iran Retaliation for General's Death in Syria

JERUSALEM, Israel – Israel is expressing sorrow and apologizing for a mistaken air strike that killed seven aid workers. The military says it’s thoroughly investigating the incident at the highest levels. Wednesday morning, Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi addressed the tragedy that took the lives of a team of international workers from World Central … Read more