Israel Says Targeted UNRWA School a Hamas Hideout, Netanyahu to Address Congress in July

JERUSALEM, Israel – Israel is presenting its case after an attack on an UNRWA (United Nations Relief & Works Agency) school that served as a base for Hamas terrorists. Palestinians say many women and children died in the strike, but the Israeli government claims some of the worst and most dangerous Hamas terrorists were hiding inside. They released … Read more

Hamas Hostage’s Mom Won’t Back Down Until Her Son Is Rescued: ‘We Will Not Stop’

Rachel Goldberg is on a nonstop mission to bring her son home from captivity, spending the past seven months on a valiant, heart-wrenching, and inspiring quest to rescue him from the grips of terror. Listen to the latest episode of the “Quick Start” Podcast Hersh Goldberg-Polin, 23, was captured by Hamas terrorists on Oct. 7, while attending … Read more

Israel Kills Hamas Commander, Fights Rafah Terrorists Despite Global Court Ruling, Rocket Barrages

JERUSALEM, Israel – The Israeli military continues to fight on multiple fronts against Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. The fighting goes on despite last week’s ruling by the International Court of Justice that ordered the sovereign state of Israel to desist.  For the first time in four months, Hamas fired rockets Sunday into Tel Aviv and other … Read more

Hamas Fires First Rocket Barrage in 4 Months Toward Tel Aviv, Coastal Cities

JERUSALEM, Israel – Hamas fired a large barrage of rockets Sunday from the Gazan city of Rafah. It was the first rocket attack from Gaza in four months. Israel Defense Forces have been closing in on the remaining Hamas battalions near the Egyptian border. No one was reported killed in the attack, but two Israelis were … Read more

Israel Launches Project to Collect Hamas Victims' Testimonies so Future Generations Remember

JERUSALEM, Israel – Israel’s Government Press Office (GPO) has launched an ambitious project to collect the testimonies of all those kidnapped on October 7th and preserve them for future generations. One of the focuses of the project is on those who suffered from sexual abuse either before or during Hamas captivity. “The GPO took footage and … Read more

Southern Israel's Farmers Begin to Make Desert Bloom Again after Hamas Horror, Destruction

KIBBUTZ NAHAL OZ, Israel – An Israeli organization helping prevent worldwide food shortages shifted gears October 7th, after Hamas targeted Israel’s farmers in the Gaza perimeter with death and destruction. Today, farmers are planning to make the desert bloom again. Nahal Oz sits less than a half mile from the Gaza border. On October 7th, Hamas terrorists … Read more

Hamas Accepts Deal Last-Minute with Israel Poised for Rafah Incursion

JERUSALEM, Israel – After months of negotiations, it appears Hamas might finally be willing to accept a hostage-release deal in exchange for a ceasefire. The announcement comes at the last minute as Israel was preparing to finally launch a Rafah incursion to wipe out the Hamas terrorist forces taking refuge there. The announcement was announced as Israelis were marking … Read more

Netanyahu: Hamas 'Extreme Demands' Holding up Hostage Release; No IDF Pullout, No Permanent Ceasefire

JERUSALEM, Israel – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took a shot Sunday at what he believes are inaccurate media reports and blamed Hamas for holding up good-faith negotiations for the hostages held in Gaza by demanding that Israel agree to a permanent ceasefire rather than a truce.  After the weekly cabinet meeting, the prime minister said his government has … Read more

Holocaust Remembrance Day: Poland Pilgrims Face Magnitude of Death Camps, Today's Hamas Horrors

LUBLIN, MIEDZYRZEC, and TREBLINKA, Poland – Israel is commemorating Holocaust Remembrance Day this year on May 6th against the backdrop of the October 7th massacre.    Although the scale was smaller, it brought many back to the murder of Jews during the Holocaust and many Israelis felt the spirit was the same. Shortly before the current … Read more

Israeli Military Poised to Enter Rafah, Hamas Keeps Dragging Out Hostage Talks

Israel’s military is poised to enter into Rafah, the last major stronghold of Hamas in Gaza, without a deal for the release of the hostages. But Hamas still wants to continue negotiations to end the war.      Israeli troops and tanks continue to gather near Rafah for the expected military operation.  Rafah is where many believe the leaders … Read more