UCCF apologises after investigation into workplace claims

The Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship (UCCF) has apologised after a final report into allegations of breaching employment law and sexual discrimination upheld some of the complaints.

The report was published after a 10-month independent investigation into the allegations led by Hilary Winstone of Old Square Chambers.

The investigation upheld complaints relating to employment practices and contract procedures and concluded that in some instances the student organisation’s termination policies may have been unlawful.

It also reported that some staff did not feel able to raise concerns in the past.

“It has been the consistent practice over several decades for CUSWs to leave their employment after three years, with some staying on for four or five years,” UCCF said.

“The investigation found a small number of instances where the termination of CUSWs’ contracts had been badly handled and conducted in ways that caused them considerable upset and were potentially unlawful.”

Claims that UCCF and its staff had discriminated against women in its employment and ministry practices were not upheld.

The UCCF has apologised in response to the report and committed to a number of changes, including the appointment of a human resources director.

“The Trustees and Directors apologise unreservedly to those employees whose experiences fell short of what they were entitled to expect from UCCF, and for the hurt caused. We recognise that, as Christians, we need to honour our calling to work at the highest standard,” it said.

“We are committed to ensuring that our policies and practices are lawful, fairly applied to all staff, and to fostering a Christ-like culture in which staff are not only valued but know they are valued, and where they can have the confidence to openly share any concerns they may have.”

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