IDF Chief Promises 'Consequences' for Iran: 'We Will Choose Our Response Accordingly'

JERUSALEM, Israel – Tensions are high in the Middle East as players wait to see Israel’s response to the massive Iranian attack over the weekend, successfully repulsed by a U.S.-led coalition. Israel indicates that without a doubt, it will respond to the unprecedented drone and missile attack directly aimed at the Jewish state. Lt. Gen. Herzi … Read more

Increasing share of young adults say the Bible has transformed their lives: poll

(Photo: Getty/iStock) (CP) New research reveals that the share of young adults who think the Bible has had a transformative effect on their lives has increased even as a majority of them remain “Scripture Disengaged.” The American Bible Society released the first installment of its State of the Bible USA2024report Thursday. The first chapter, … Read more

Died: Beverly LaHaye, Pastor’s Wife Who Led Religious Right

Beverly LaHaye, a timid pastor’s wife who became a fierce champion for conservative Christian politics and a force mobilizing hundreds of thousands of religious women, died on Sunday in a retirement home in El Cajon, California. She was 94. President Ronald Reagan once praised LaHaye as “one of the powerhouses” of the conservative movement and … Read more

Kerala churches divided as one opens doors for Muslim Eid prayers

(Photo: Unsplash/James Coleman) As religious tensions simmer in India, a powerful portrait of communal harmony unfolded in Kerala this week when a Christian church opened its premises to allow Muslim worshippers to hold their Eid prayers. However, the same day also exposed deepening fissures within the state’s churches over the screening of the controversial film … Read more

Heartbroken family's desperate pleas fall on deaf ears as police fail to act over kidnapped Christian girl in Pakistan

(Photo: Pixabay) A Christian family in Pakistan has been left devastated after police refused to register a case about the alleged kidnapping and forced marriage of their 13-year-old daughter, Sania Amin. Despite the frantic appeals of her father Amin Masih, authorities have turned a blind eye, claiming the young girl converted to Islam and wed … Read more

Christian prayer meeting in Indore gets green light from SC after local authorities revoked permit

Central Wing of the Supreme Court of India where the Chief Justice’s courtroom is situated. (Photo: Subhashish Panigrahi/Wikimedia Commons) In a significant ruling, the Supreme Court of India has allowed a Christian prayer meeting to proceed in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, after local authorities had withdrawn permission for the event, citing potential law and order issues. … Read more

Israel's War Cabinet Weighs Counter-Strike for Iran Missile Attack as White House Pushes Diplomacy

JERUSALEM, Israel – Following the biggest drone and missile attack in history, Israel is deciding how to respond to Iran’s strike that launched more than 300 projectiles over the weekend.  The question is whether Israel will counter-attack, or whether allies, especially the U.S., will succeed in restraining Israel’s military response. Firing drones, ballistic missiles, and cruise … Read more

Archbishop of Canterbury expresses concern over Christian woman's arrest in West Bank

Anglican leaders have voiced alarm following the arrest of a Christian woman by Israeli forces in the West Bank, about three years after she was previously detained for her association with a student group Israel deems illegal. Layan Nasir, a 23-year-old member of St. Peter’s Anglican Church in Birzeit, was taken into custody … Read more